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I Insure

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I Insure

MCB Visa Platinum Credit Card with i-insure gives you the most flexible and comprehensive options to cover your family and yourself against contingencies. And that too by just paying a very nominal monthly premium for your chosen insurance plan.

1.Wallet Protection
Provides coverage against financial loss due to:

  • Fraudulent Credit Card Transactions:
  • Theft or robbery incurred by transactions done fraudulently on your Card. A cover of upto PKR 40,000 is provided under this option.
  • Loss of Identification Documents:
  • Government of Pakistan Identification Papers like Passport, CNIC, Driving License, etc.
  • Cash Coverage:
  • In case of robbery or theft from your home, the amount robbed/ stolen will be reimbursed up to a maximum of PKR 10,000.

2.Accidental Travel Insurance (Common Carrier)
Covers your family in case of your unforeseen accidental death while traveling in a Common Carrier (commercial airline, railway, water borne or passenger bus).

3.Life Insurance
Covers your family in case of an unfortunate event resulting in your death or disability.

4.Education Insurance
Your children's education cost will be taken care of in case of an unfortunate event resulting in your accidental death or disability.

5.Personal Accidental Death and Disability
Covers your family in case of unforeseen event of your accidental death or disability.

6.Credit Security
In case of an injury, illness or death, the outstanding balance on your MCB Visa Platinum Credit Card is insured for payment and costs a nominal percentage (as per the Schedule of Charges) of your outstanding balance.

You can also avail Wallet Protection as a separate insurance to sign up for the package of your choice.

Credit Security offers the following benefits:

Death benefit
On death of the insured Cardmember by any cause, the benefit will be the amount of the indebtedness plus the credit charges on the indebtedness for the maximum period of two months after the date of death.

Temporary Total Disability benefit
In the event of Temporary Total Disability due to accident or sickness, the benefit will be the continuation of the minimum monthly payment during the disability period. Temporary total disability means disability caused by accident or sickness and as a result of which the Cardholder is unable to be engaged in his own usual occupation for a period exceeding 45 days. No benefit is payable during the 45 days waiting period.

Permanent Total Disability benefit
On Permanent Total Disability of the Card member due to accident or sickness, the Benefit will be the amount of indebtedness. The benefit will be paid after 6 consecutive months of total disability. Permanent Total Disability means inability of the Cardholder to engage in any occupation for which he is reasonably qualified by education, training and experience. Benefit will become payable 6 months after the onset of disability.

Terminal Illness benefit
If a card member is diagnosed with a terminal illness the amount of indebtedness plus credit charges for the maximum period of two months will be payable. Terminal illness means illness, which reduces expected lifespan of the card to less than 6 months as certified by an approved physician.

7. Insure Plus
A set of income for card holder's family for the years to come. In the event of any mishap (Natural or accidental) or Total and permanent disability the beneficiary shall receive the monthly sum assured of Rs. 10,000/- on a monthly basis for 10 years.

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