Now introducing the MCB SME Card (clean lending facility) is a first of its kind product offering which is a unique blend of lending techniques and concepts used in Consumer, Commercial & Corporate Banking.

This is the first time an institution is going to offer working capital line to Small Enterprises (SEs) & Medium Enterprises (MEs) against a card which can only operate at selected merchants and dedicated MCB POS machines only. This model revolves around basic concept of supply chain management with restricted funds usage for intended business purpose only.

In order to offer this card to SEs & MEs, agreement also needs to be in place with Multi National Corporate (MNC) or Large Local Corporate.

Now SME can avail a load up to PKR 5 million to help grow their business through exciting features of SME Card such as:

  • No Borrowing Cost
  • No Collateral Required
  • Secured Transactions

To further read the Terms and Conditions: Click Here

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