MCB Bank offers a wide range of products and trade related services for its valuable customers to choose from.

Import Services

Below is a list of few services MCB Bank provides to help any business having importing needs:

1. Import Documentary Credits (LCs) both Inland and Foreign

  • Sight
  • Usance
  • Mix Payment

2. Back to back Documentary Credits (LCs)
3. Standby Documentary Credits (LCs)
4. Documentary Collections
5. Shipping Guarantees
6. Import Contract Registration
7. Open Account Transactions

Export Services

We can help your export business through any one or combination of following products being offered through wide network of our branches and Trade Services Centers(TSCs).

1. Documentary Credit (LC) Advising
2. Documentary Bills Drawn Against LCs
3. Documentary Collections
4. Documentary Credit (LC) Confirmation
5. Trade & Credit Information

Trade Financing

1. Bill Purchase /Negotiation

  • Inland
  • Foreign

2. Foreign Currency Bill Discounting
3. Bill purchase under “Bank Avalisation”
4. Foreign Currency Export Finance
5. Finance Against Packing Credit
6. Finance Against Foreign Bills
7. SBP Export Refinance (Part-1 and Part-11)
8. Finance Against Imported Merchandise
9. Finance Against Trust Receipt
10. Foreign Currency Import Finance
11. Import “Avalisation”

Trade Products and Solutions

  • Have no security to offer and no credit lines, no worries. Just contact any of MCB Bank’s trade dealing branch or TPD and benefit from our “Discounting Against Banker Acceptances Service (DABAS) ” along with efficient handling/processing of your trade documents.
  • Having trouble duplicating and handling complicated information on “Online LC Applications” try our “Quick-LC” -The LC Application Form made easy just for you.
  • Want goods on credit but supplier won’t agree, check out our “Trade Receivables (Inland) Management Services (TRIMS)” –The payables and receivables made manageable.
  • Is your location a hurdle in getting your export bills financed in time, try us we have “X Flex” tailor made for your convenience.
  • Getting competitive export financing /discounting against your “Deferred Payment” export LC is no longer a problem in MCB Bank.
  • You can confidently benefit from getting your export bills pertaining to non-LC (contract) shipments discounted from MCB Bank under “Bank Drafts Avalised” by any acceptable rating foreign bank belonging to OECD member countries, MCB Bank being the first Pakistani bank to adopt “Export Avalisation” as a product under special permission from State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) or take advantage from our “Import Avalisation” facility to avoid supplier’s non-performance risk associated with usual import LC transactions.
  • You can also reduce your import LC transaction costs using our “Econ-LC” product.
  • At MCB Bank we can reduce your inland “LC Insurance” costs considerably.
  • You can also leverage your business by availing “Structured Trade Finance Solutions” tailor made to suit your specific needs.
  • Importing from China and Hong Kong is much easier in MCB Bank as it offers “LC confirmations” through its partner bank on all your LCs going to both countries absolutely free.

For more information please contact Trade Products Division at [email protected] or +92 42 32304035, 32304036, 32304037, 32304038

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