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Product Toolkit

Motherland Account

The MCB Motherland Account allows overseas Pakistanis who wish to open and operate a bank account in their home country while residing abroad. It is designed to allow transferring of funds to your family & loved ones with your own personal account back home with ease.

MCB Motherland account offers you a host of benefits that includes no minimum balance requirement, free first cheque book and MCB VISA debit card.

  • Overseas Pakistanis can open PKR accounts whilst abroad.
  • Free first cheque book + VISA debit card.
  • Ten Free PO/DD and Online Transfers per annum.*
  • Account access via Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and Call Centre.


  • Copy of original passport/CNIC/NICOP
  • Copy of Valid Visa, Aqamah
  • Bank statement if self employed


For customers in UAE: [email protected]

For customers in Pakistan: [email protected]

* Terms & conditions apply.

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