Today’s savings, tomorrow’s income.

Gain maximum returns on your savings, with a great mix of investment choices. You can make limited withdrawals at any time for short or mid-term purchases e.g. buying a house and enjoy flexibility to meet any other unexpected financial requirement. At the end of policy term you receive your accumulated investments as a lump sum amount, so you can make your ‘Har Pal Mehfooz’.

Apply for MCB IncomeMax today and make your ‘Har Pal Mehfooz’.

For further details please contact our Bancassurance Sales Manager / Officer at one of the selected MCB Branches.

Or call 111-000-622 (MCB).


MCB Bank (Pvt) Ltd is acting as a distributor of IncomeMax on behalf of MetLife Alico and is not responsible in any manner whatsoever to the customer, his/her beneficiary (ies) or any third party.

  • MetLife Alico is registered & supervised by Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan.
  • All MCB IncomeMax applications are processed and approved by MetLife Alico as per their underwriting guidelines. MCB Bank is not responsible for the processing and approval of these applications in anyway whatsoever.
  • This brochure provides only an introduction of the benefits available under the policy. A description of how the contract works is given in the ‘Policy Documents’ and ‘Terms and Conditions’, which will be provided after the customer(s) avails this service.


As you continue the policy towards its full term, your Account Value will be credited with a proportion of Basic Premiums that you pay in. The proportions allocated to your Account Value will be as follows:

Policy Year Allocation Percentages
1 35%
2 80%
3 Onwards 100%
AVAP 97%



Conservative Strategy

Balanced Strategy

Aggressive Strategy

Islamic Shariah Compliant Strategy

Guaranteed Loyalty Bonus

Policy Year Loyalty Bonus Unit Allocation as
% of Basic Premium
5 15%
10 25%
15 and every 5 years
  • Account Value Acceleration Premiums
  • Guaranteed Death Benefit
  • Partial Withdrawal
  • Complete Surrender
  • Maturity Benefit
  • Premium Escalation
  • Additional Benefits:
    • Level Term Insurance Rider (LTR)
    • Family Protection Rider (FPR)
    • Accident Care Benefit (ACB)
  • Free-Look Period

IncomeMax offers free look period of 14 days during which you can review your policy terms and conditions and cancel the policy. Your premium will be refunded on receipt of written request within 14 days from the date of receipt of policy document. MetLife Alico reserves the right to deduct the expenses incurred on medical examination.


  • Minimum Entry Age: 18 year (Age nearest Birthday)
  • Maximum Entry Age: 75 years (Age nearest Birthday)
  • Minimum Policy Term: 5 years
  • Maximum Policy Term: up to age 85 years


  • Annual
  • Semi-annual
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly, via direct debit banking order


  • Investment Management Charge: 1/12th of 1.75% of account value per month
  • Bid/offer spread: 5 %
  • Administration Fee: Rs. 50 per month
  • Transfer Fee: Rs. 300 per transfer b/w investment sub accounts

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