• Discover a sensible solution that helps make more of your dollar savings.
  • MCB Smart Dollar Account is a sensible way to maintain or grow your US Dollar deposit across USD Current, Savings or Term Deposits.

KEY Services:

  • USD Current, Savings and Term Deposit accounts.
  • Competitive profit rates.
  • Attractive incentives being offered, if you maintain the minimum amount of USD 10,000/- or above.*

* Free & Limited Service Charges:

  • Free Lockers (subject to availability).
  • Pak Rupee Account: without minimum balance requirement.
  • Free collection for crediting Foreign Currency Account.
  • Free Standing Instructions for Current Account.
  • Free Bank Statements.
  • Discount (up to 50%) on processing of Personal Loans.

MCB Access:

  • Network of over 1150 online branches, at convenient locations.
  • Over 1050 MCB Automated Teller Machine (ATM)s.
  • Over 6000 Nationwide Automated Teller Machine (ATM)s.

Call Center, at your fingertips (Access 24/7)

Internet Banking, virtually anywhere (Access 24/7)

Expected profit rates available from our call center, branches and website.
*Terms & Conditions apply.

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