MCB Bahrain Treasury offers following products. Our product suite includes plain vanilla FX (spot & Forward), Fixed Income securities and Derivatives & structured products.

Spot / Ready Foreign Exchange (FX)

These transactions refer to the purchase/sale of one currency against the other for immediate delivery.

Foreign Currency Bill Discounting (FCBD)

FCBD is a discounting product provided to clients who are looking to fund their working capital requirements. While discounting, the bank buys the bill (i.e. bill of exchange or promissory note) before it is due. The transaction is practically an advance against the security of the bill and the discount represents the interest on the bill from the date of purchase of the bill until it is due for payment.

Fixed Income securities:

MCB Bahrain invest in Fixed Income Securities like Euro Bonds, Sukuk, T Bills.

Inter Bank Borrowing / Placements

MCB Bahrain treasury actively participates in interbank transactions and borrow funds from different regional and internal banks. MCB also places its surplus funds to other banks.

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