MCB Bank offers wide range of trade products catering to your business needs in affordable & appropriate ways, under international & local regulatory framework. These products are offered through a wide network of branches. A large correspondent network across the globe and strong Treasury further enhance the strength of Trade Services.

Trade sale activities are being carried out through specialized trade desks in trade specific branches where a dedicated team of professionals, well equipped to deal with conventional as well as advanced features of International trade, is available. This process includes proactively seeking out business opportunities and handling end to end customer requests. These trade desks play a pivotal role in ensuring the fact that MCB Bank has a strong connection with its customers.

Trade operations are processed through 8 structured Trade Services Centers across Pakistan technologically equipped to manage large volumes of transactions with minimum turnaround time.

We provide funded & non-funded finance facilities to take care of short-term & long-term business needs of all segments including SMEs, middle-markets.

Trade Products

MCB Bank offers a wide range of products and trade related services for its valuable customers to choose from.

Import Services

Below is a list of few services MCB Bank provides to help any business having importing needs:

  1. Import Documentary Credits (LCs) both Inland and Foreign
    • Sight
    • Usance
  2. Back to back Documentary Credits (LCs)
  3. Standby Documentary Credits (LCs)
  4. Documentary Collections
  5. Shipping Guarantees
  6. Import Contract Registration
  7. Open Account Transactions
  8. Import Advance Payments

Export Services

We can help your export business through any one or combination of following products being offered through wide network of our branches.

  1. Documentary Credit (LC) Advising
  2. Documentary Bills Drawn Against LCs
  3. Documentary Collections
  4. Documentary Credit (LC) Confirmation
  5. Export Advance Payments.

Trade Financing

  1. Bill Purchase /Negotiation
    • Inland
    • Foreign
  2. Foreign Currency Bill Discounting
  3. Bill purchase under “Bank Avalisation”
  4. Foreign Currency Export Finance
  5. Finance Against Packing Credit
  6. Finance Against Foreign Bills
  7. SBP Export Refinance (Part-l and Part-ll)
  8. Finance against Imported Merchandise
  9. Finance against Trust Receipt
  10. Foreign Currency Import Finance
  11. Import “Avalisation”

For more information please contact Trade Finance Division at [email protected] or +92 42 36042505, +92 42 36041398,

Trade Help Desk

MCB Bank provides free of cost technical assistance on trade related matters through its dedicated help desk. Any person requiring technical assistance can seek guidance by sending an e-mail or calling on the following contact numbers:-
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +92 42 36042505, 36041394

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