Adamjee Life Wealth Optimizer is a unique investment cum protection plan that provides you a hassle-free onetime investment option. The protection feature of the plan provides life insurance coverage from the moment you invest in the plan. Anyone between the age ranges of 18 to 78 years is eligible for this ideal investment package..

The objective of this plan is to provide opportunity of optimum returns for its policy holders by investing primarily in money market and short-term instruments with the added advantage of life insurance. With no front-end load (bid-offer spread) all premiums made in the fund are directly invested in your investment account. The plan generates consistent income through superior yields on its investments at moderate levels of risk through a diversified investment approach.

Disclosure of Product: This is a life insurance product which has two distinct elements i.e., Insurance Protection and Investment. The investment component is linked to the performance of underlying assets under unit linked fund(s).

Unit Allocation & Surrender Charges:

Following is the proportion of basic plan allocated to investment:

Policy Year Allocation Percentages % of Basic Premium as Premium Allocation Charge
1 100% Nil
Plan Month Surrender/redemption Charge as % of Unit account
1st to 11th 3%
12th to 23rd 2%
24th Onwards 0%

Key Benefits:

  • Protection Benefit
  • Choice of Insurance Coverage
  • Maturity Benefit
  • Single Investment
  • No Front End Load

Free-Look Period:

The plan offers a free-look period of 14 days during which you can cancel your policy by contacting Adamjee Life, and have your premium refunded. However, Adamjee Life reserves the right to deduct the expenses incurred on medical examination(s) of the Life Assured in connection with the issuance of this Policy (if any)

Fund Management:

a. Low Risk Fund

Investment Secure Fund (Income Fund): Low risk fund with aim to offer regular and steady returns from investment in wide variety of fixed income securities including bank deposits, government Securities etc without any exposure to corporate bonds and equities.

b. Moderate to High Risk Funds

Investment Secure Fund II (Income Fund): Moderate risk fund with aim to offer regular and steady returns from investment in wide variety of fixed income securities including bank deposits, government Securities, corporate bonds etc. without any exposure to equities.

Investment Multiplier (Aggressive Fund): High risk fund with aim to earn higher returns in medium to long term by investing in diversified mix of equities, fixed income instruments and real estate.

Managed Growth Fund (Balanced Fund): Medium risk fund with aim to provide growth in investment value by investing in fixed income instruments, equities and real estate.

Policy Eligibility:

  • Minimum Entry Age: 18 years (Age Next Birthday)
  • Maximum Entry Age: 78 years (Age Next Birthday)
  • Minimum Cover Term: 2 years
  • Maximum Cover Term: Up to age of 80 exact
  • Maximum Investment: Unlimited


  • Policy Fee: Nil
  • Management & Administration Charges: An annual charge of 2% of the Cash Value deducted on a monthly basis.
  • Surrender Fee / Partial Withdrawal Fee: PKR 500 per surrender or partial withdrawal.
  • Fund Switching: The first two switches in a Policy Year are free. A charge of PKR 300 will be made for any further switches in that Policy Year
  • Mortality charges: Applied on Sum at Risk on attained age basis

*All charges are reviewable by the Company

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For further details, please contact our Officer at one of the selected MCB Bank Branches, or call 111-000-622. For brochure kindly refer to: https://www.adamjeelife.com/en/bancassurance?type=conventional&subtype=bancassurance\


  • This product is underwritten by Adamjee Life Assurance Co. Ltd. It is not guaranteed or insured by “Bank” or its affiliates and is not a product of the MCB Bank.
  • MCB Bank is acting as a corporate insurance agent of Adamjee Life Assurance Co. Ltd. which underwrites the policy and shall not be held responsible for any liability under the policy in any manner whatsoever to the policyholder(s) or claimants(s).
  • Adamjee Life Wealth Optimizer is a Unit Linked Plan which is subject to investment risk. The investment risk shall be borne by the policyholder and actual maturity and surrender values may be lower or higher than the projected figures.
  • All Adamjee Life Wealth Optimizer applications are processed and approved by Adamjee Life Assurance Co. Ltd., as per their underwriting guidelines. MCB Bank is not responsible for processing and approval of these applications in any way, whatsoever.
  • This brochure only provides an introduction to the benefits available under the policy. A detailed description of how the contracts works is given in “Terms & Conditions” attached with the policy document, which will be provided after the policy is issued.
  • The past performance of the investment fund is not necessarily a guide to future performance. Any forecast is not necessarily indicative of future or likely performance of the funds and neither Adamjee Life Assurance Co. Ltd. nor “Bank” will incur any liability for the same.
  • A personalized illustration of benefits will be provided to you by our sales representative. Please refer to the notes in the illustration for a detailed understanding of the various terms and conditions along with in the projected cash values. These values are only for understanding purpose and can be go up or down and not guaranteed.

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