Privilege Banking takes pleasure in taking you on a journey of superior high-end customer services, a rewarding in branch experience, a wide array of financial services, investment opportunities and transactional convenience, via dedicated, contemporary and service-oriented sales force. These multi-dimensional banking relationships experience positions privilege segment customers at unparalleled advantages that put them ahead of others. MCB Bank has eight dedicated Privilege Centers waiting to welcome you in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi and Multan with plans to expand to even more locations.


MCB Privilege banking facilities and benefits will be offered to those customers who maintain a relationship of:

  • PKR 1 Million in current account or PKR 2.5Million in savings account/term deposit, or
  • A client having a total relationship over and above PKR 2.5 Million with MCB

Downgrade Rule:

  • Downgrade exercise will be performed on a quarterly average basis only.
  • Foreign currency account value needs to be equivalent to PKR mentioned above. (Quarterly Average of exchange rate will be used for calculation)

Upgrade Rule:

  • Privilege status of an account will be reinstated upon maintaining of Privilege threshold balance for at least one month. Monthly average balance will be used.

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