Baghbani Finance aims at facilitating the farmers engaged in horticulture by extending credit facilities covering the entire range of related activities. The proposals are assessed keeping in view the market potential and repayment capacity based on the cash flows of the activity. The farmers are extended all type of credit facilities required to produce fruits & vegetables of better quality. The repayment of the loan is as per farmer convenience or linked to crop cycle and timings of cash flows. Facilities like running finance, working capital requirements, infrastructure development, machinery & equipment, irrigation etc are all covered under this finance.Progressive farmers are specially encouraged.

Salient Features:

  • The farmer/applicant should be having an account with our branch
  • The purpose/project should be viable
  • Should meet all documentation formalities
  • Should be experienced to handle the project
  • The loan requirement & tenure of finance depends upon the purpose and life of the project
  • The intending borrower should be able to offer adequate security acceptable to the bank
  • Comprehensive insurance has to be arranged by the borrower where possible

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