Purpose & Scope:

ADF caters the credit needs of farmers, generally long term, pertaining to developmental projects related to both farm & non-farm sectors. Under Khushali Plan, we offer different products to cater sector specific credit needs. The farmers may need long term finance to undertake development project or there may be working capital requirements. Long tern financing needs will be met through Term Finance whereas working capital requirements will be met by production finance.

The products offered are ADF-T & ARF-T (Tractor Finance), ADF-I & ARF-I (Aabiari Finance), ADF-D & ARF-D (Dairy & Meat finance), ADF-P &ARF-P (Murghbani Finance), ADF-H &ARF-H (Baghbani Finance), ADF-F & ARF-F (Mahigeri Finance) and ADF-Z & ARF-Z (Zari Technology Finance).

The amount of finance sanctioned depends upon the credit requirement and collateral. Non-farm credit (poultry, fisheries, apiculture, sericulture etc) and financing for land leveling/development, heavy equipment, agriculture machinery, vehicles/transport for Agriculture purpose are covered under this plan. There may be other development projects proposed by the farmers falling within the ambit of agriculture financing, which can be considered under this plan and the like items as per SBP list of eligible items.

Salient Features:

  • Short, Medium and Long term financing facilities are extended under Khushali Plan
  • The repayment is scheduled on the basis of farmer‟s convenience on Quarterly or Biannual basis.
  • Allowed to all individuals/farmers/companies/firms involved in farm/non-farm activities and fulfill the eligibility criteria as per bank’s policy and compliance of SBP PRs.

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