Purpose & Scope:

Aabiari Finance is for the purpose of improving & where possible conserving water since it is extremely vital for agriculture/crops production. Lining of channels and watercourses are conventional methods used to plug seepage of canal or river water, whereas construction of small reservoirs helps to save rain water or additional water inflows that may be available during periods of water sufficiency. The stored water helps irrigation in periods with inadequate water supply. Proper management of these conventional methods reduces costs and improves efficiency; in addition, the water surplus can be used for increasing cropped area. This also includes finance extended to farmers for the purpose of renewable energy especially solar tube well used for irrigation purposes & land development. SBP concessional refinance schemes (if applicable) are also applicable as per prevailing procedure and allied terms & conditions.

Salient Features:

The benefits of watercourse improvement are highlighted below. Other benefits of irrigation finance are linked with use of evolving water efficient technologies

  • Time saving in irrigation
  • Labor saving Increase in cropping intensity
  • Increase in cropped area
  • Increase in yield
  • Increase in net farm income

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