Project & Structured Finance

Involves financing complex projects, usually in an SPV structure, where the loan is tightly structured around the cash flows, risks are allocated amongst various stakeholders, and there is limited or no recourse to the sponsors.

Syndicated Loans and Debt Capital Markets

Involves structuring/advisory arrangement, underwriting and placement services for significant financing requirements by large and medium sized corporate and institutional clients . Our wide array of activities also includes financial restructuring of corporate, issuance of commercial paper, placement of syndicated loans and bonds.

Quasi Equity / Hybrid Instruments

Structuring and placement of a category of debt that has some characteristics of equity such as being unsecured or subordinated or with a potential equity upside.

Equity Capital Raising

Services include due diligence and valuation, private placements, underwriting and management of public offers.

Advisory Services

Varied services such as financial advisory, commercial structuring support and M&A advisory.

Facility Administration

Management of creditor interests in syndicated transactions in capacities such as facility agent, security trustee, project monitoring bank, book-runner etc.

Commercial Banking

Complementary products and services such as revolving lines of credit, trade services and cash management that may be bundled with our Investment Banking Products.

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