Purpose & Scope:

The Financing Product for “High Efficiency Irrigation System (HEIS)” facilitates farmers in availing the subsidy provided under the provincial government schemes aimed at conservation of water and avoiding wastage of the precious resource. Drip and sprinkler irrigation systems are referred to as High Efficiency Irrigation Systems, (HEIS) which enable timely application of water and other inputs i.e. fertilizers, nutrients etc. as per plant requirements at various stages of growth. The HEISs are versatile in their applicability and provide complete control in irrigation operations. HEISs can be practiced on a variety of soil conditions e.g. uneven topography, odd field configurations, rolling sandy areas, etc. and are best suited for variety of crops such as orchards, vegetables, cotton, maize, sugarcane, wheat, fodder, gram etc.

Governments of Punjab and Sindh are subsidizing these high efficiency irrigation systems to farmers by contributing 60% of the total project cost and remaining 40% cost sharing by the farmers. Under HEIS Financing, MCB will provide financing to the extent of 80% of farmer’s share towards installation of HEIS. The purpose of HEIS financing scheme is to facilitate farmers in adoption of high efficiency irrigation system, which in turn would help them in efficient utilization of water & other resources to improve per acre yield. The solar/renewable energy requirements of farmers for agriculture purposes are also fully supported for the cause of climate/environment protection which is increasingly becoming a major concern.

Salient Features:

  • The farmer should be one, selected by the “On Farm Water Management Department”
  • Approved designed to be arranged by the farmer
  • Design & cost estimate prepared by SSC and verified by approved consultant will be required
  • Minimum land holding should be 10 acre or above
  • Farmer has to arrange his equity before financing is approved
  • Govt. subsidy Scheme should be

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