Purpose & Scope:

Murghbani Finance covers extensively all requirements of the poultry industry with focus on facilitating the farmers. Financing facilities are extended for all types of activities in the value chain starting from establishment of poultry farms infrastructure to all requirements in the process till the final out put including marketing of the same by the farmers. Value addition process by the farmers for poultry processing is also covered under the Murghbani Finance and the like items as per SBP list of eligible items.

Salient Features:

  • Finance can be extended for any facility required for poultry farms including hatcheries and value addition process.
  • Loans can be considered for short, medium and long term facilities
  • Infrastructure/controlled sheds are eligible for finance
  • All types of related machinery is eligible for financing.
  • Track record/experience/repayment capacity/security offered as collateral and market conditions are considered while approving the finance.

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