All Individuals/farmers/corporate farms/firms/ partnership concerns and companies (private and public limited) already engaged in agricultural activity or desiring to enter in agriculture farming i.e., in producing, processing, storage and marketing of farming products and those engaged in livestock, dairy industry, poultry industry, fish farming and marine fisheries etc., are eligible for agriculture financing provided that AMO/AMM/CO/BM is satisfied with the capacity of the borrower/sponsor to manage the farms subject to the following conditions:

  • The applicant(s) shall be citizen of Pakistan and must have valid CNIC (computerized National Identity Card). In case of business firm it must be registered entity in Pakistan.
  • The borrower should not be a defaulter of any bank/financial institution. He/ she should have a clean e-CIB. (where SBP PRs required e CIB) or hold NOC from other banks.
  • For farm credit, applicant must himself be the farmer and not the absentee farmer. Agriculture land for which facility is required shall be in the possession of the borrower & should be a resident and self-cultivator of his/her land (absentee landlord to be avoided).
  • Documentary evidence of self cultivation (Khasra Girdawari).
  • The applicant shall be able to produce proper securities/sureties/Pass Book.
  • There should be no labor dispute/litigations over land/property offered as security, there should be no adverse findings on the owners and management.
  • Female applicant may apply jointly with her Mehram. She can also apply independently if she is handling Agri. Business herself. AMO & BM confirmation will be required.
  • Each intending borrower should be an account holder of the bank before submission of an application for agriculture financing.

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