MCB Bank offers an array of lending products catering to your business needs in affordable & convenient ways, under international & local regulatory framework. We provide funded & non-funded finance facilities to take care of short-term & long-term business needs of all segments including Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), middle-markets & agriculture sector.

Funded Facilities:

  • Working Capital Financing
  • Export Re-Financing (under State Bank of Pakistan Scheme)
  • Agriculture Financing
  • Term Loans

Working Capital Facilities:

MCB Bank offers a diverse mix of financing products aimed at meeting working capital requirements of its customers. Following are some of the Fund Based facilities that are provided by MCB Bank;

  • Running Finance
  • Cash Finance
  • Inland Bills Purchased
  • Finance against Imported Merchandise
  • Finance against Trust Receipts
  • Finance against Foreign Bills
  • Foreign Bills Purchased
  • Finance against Packing Credit
  • Foreign Currency Import Financing
  • Foreign Currency Bill Discounting
  • Foreign Currency Export Financing

Non Fund based facilities including Letter of Credit, Letter of Guarantee, Bid Bonds, Performance Bonds, Shipping Guarantees etc. are also provided taking into account customer’s business requirements.


Markup to be charged to the customer is based on floating rate KIBOR (i.e. Karachi Inter Bank Offer Rate) Plus an agreed spread. The recovery of markup is on quarterly basis except for the Term Loans where markup is part of the installment and recovered as per the agreed schedule.


Loan can be adjusted upon its maturity date or at a date specified / agreed in the agreement of finance.


Generally the documents required vary from business to business depending on the nature of business, constitution type following are some of the minimum documents required to avail financing facilities.

  • Loan Application Form / Request letter for financing facilities
  • Borrower Basic Fact Sheet as prescribed by the SBP
  • Attested Copies of CNIC / SNIC of all directors / partners / sole proprietor
  • Copy of NTN
  • Copy of Financials for last 3 years
  • Company Profile
  • List of Suppliers
  • List of Buyers


Eligibility of the customer for the credit facilities will be assessed on case to case basis.


As per Agreement of Finance.


To view sample financials please Click Here

Non-Funded Facilities

  • Letters of Credit
  • Standby Letter of Credit
  • Guarantees

Rely on us as your business partner.

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