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Charges and Limits

All transactions through Lite are free of charge!
We have demonetized digital payments and made them absolutely free of Bank charges so that you and your inner circle can enjoy the benefits of being on the Mobile Payments Grid without the worry of paying a charge every time you make a payment or access your money.


  MCB Lite 0 MCB Lite 1 MCB Lite 2
Annual Fee* Upto Rs. 375 Upto Rs. 375 Upto Rs. 375
Upgrade Cost NA FREE FREE

* The Annual fee is inclusive of all taxes.



  MCB Lite 0 MCB Lite 1 MCB Lite 2
Daily Limits* Deposit: PKR 25,000 Deposit: PKR 50,000 Deposit: PKR 100,000
  Withdrawal: PKR 25,000 Withdrawal: PKR 50,000 Withdrawal ATM: PKR 50,000*
      Withdrawal POS: PKR 100,000*
      Withdrawal Mobile/IBFT: PKR 100,000*
Monthly Limits Deposit: PKR 40,000 Deposit: PKR 80,000 Deposit: PKR 500,000
  Withdrawal: PKR 40,000 Withdrawal: PKR 80,000 Withdrawal: PKR 500,000
Yearly Limits Deposit: PKR 200,000 Deposit: PKR 800,000 Deposit: PKR 5,000,000
  Withdrawal: PKR 200,000 Withdrawal: PKR 800,000 Withdrawal: PKR 5,000,000
Daily Mobile Top Up Limit PKR 5,000 PKR 5,000 PKR 10,000
Balance PKR 200,000 PKR 400,000 No Limit

*Total daily withdrawal accumulated from all channels for Lite 2 is PKR 100,000 and this excludes utility bill payment.


3rd Party Charges

ATM Withdrawals (International Usage) Up to 2.75% – Min Rs.250/-
ATM Withdrawals – 1-Link Rs. 15/-
Balance Inquiry from 1-Link ATMs Rs. 5 /- per transaction
International ATM balance inquiry Rs. 50/- per transaction
Voucher Retrieval fees Rs. 250/- (local) Rs. 800/- (International)
Arbitration Charges US$ 500/-
Inter-bank Funds Transfer Up to Rs. 30/-


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