MCB Nayab Savings account is a tailormade financial solution for women that caters to their saving needs with the benefit of quarterly profit payout. Saving well in advance helps women be prepared for future expenses and ensure they’re financially stable in the later stages of life.


  • Simplified and relaxed account opening procedure.
  • No Account Activation Deposit requirement.
  • No minimum balance requirement.
  • Zero Account Maintenance Fee.
  • Unlimited withdrawals and deposits.
  • Free 1 Cheque book per month.
  • Free 1 Cheque book per month
  • Free 1 Banker’s cheque per month.
  • Free 3 Intercity (Deposit/Withdrawal/Transfer) per month.
  • Free issuance on PayPak Classic & PayPak Gold.
  • 50% discount on exclusive ladies Debit Card (issuance only). Full annual/renewal fee will be charged


  • ATM
  • Call Center
  • MCB Live App
  • SMS Alerts

Open MCB Nayab Account by visiting any MCB Bank Branch or digitally from https://eaccount.mcb.com.pk/ and experience a new world of possibilities!

*Terms & conditions apply. For further information, please contact your nearest MCB Bank Branch or MCB Contact Centre 111-000-622

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