Green Banking Office (GBO) has been established which aims to implement Green Banking Guidelines and incorporation of environmental consciousness as part of organizational culture.

Environmental Due Diligence (EnvDD) has been made part of the Bank’s overall assessment of a borrower, prior to allowing credit exposure whereby the customer is also evaluated on Environmental Risk Rating Model in order to assess the environmental impact of business operations of the customer.​

​An array of Digital Banking services has been introduced by the Bank which helps to reduce the dependence on paper. These services include eco-friendly digital initiatives like Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, SMSs and E-statements etc.

MCB Bank is opting ways to eliminate / reduce the consumption of paper in everyday operations. These initiatives include installation of application based workflows system for gradual migration towards paperless banking operations. ​

Deployment of solar power systems in some branches, which will avoid Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as a result of renewable energy.​

Recycling of waste generated from its offices through recycling facility by environment friendly manner.​

Green Awareness campaign has been initiated regarding commemoration of Environment related annual days such as World Water Day, Mother Earth Day, and Environment Day.​

​Awareness campaign for all employees on NO COST Own Impact Reduction Measures has been initiated through electronic dissemination of artworks regarding Electricity, Water, Paper, and Fuel etc.

Regular Trainings are conducted for capacity building of Bank’s staff in order to sensitize the employees regarding environmental issues and adoption of Green culture. ​