We are pleased to see that you are interested in MCB eGate. It’s important to know the requirements at your end for signup.

  1. Completed eGate application form (click to download)
  2. Website readiness:
    • Your website should be ready with products/ services ready to sell, along with checkout page designed and developed.
  3. Legal Documentation

    • You will need to submit following documents (as per your company status) along with the ecommerce application form (click to download).
      • Proprietorship Concern
        1. Copy of CNIC of the proprietor
        2. Bank Letter mentioning the name and CNIC number of owner/ proprietor
        3. Photo of sign board
      • Partnership Concern

        1. Copies of CNICs of all the partners
        2. Partnership deed or bank letter mentioning the name of all partners
        3. Authority letter signed by all partners in case all partners are not signing the agreement
        4. Photo of sign board
      • Limited Company

        1. CNIC copy of directors/ signatories
        2. Memorandum & articles of association
        3. Form A & Form 29 (latest)
        4. Board of resolution authorizing an individual director/ manager to sign the agreement with MCB Bank Ltd. for merchant accruing and other related matters
        5. Certificate of incorporation
        6. Photo of sign board
  4. Other requirements

    • Have/ Open an account with MCB Bank for funds settlement
    • Submit sign up fees cheque to start the process
    • Account maintenance certificate
    • Utility bill (PTCL)

Have more questions? Please feel free to contact us by filling out this simple form (Contact us)