About ATM

An ATM (Automated Teller Machine) is an electronic telecommunications device that enables customers of Banks/DFIs and other financial institutions to perform financial and non-financial transactions, such as Cash Withdrawals, Fund Transfers, Utility Bill Payments, Telco Payments, Balance Inquiries, and Mini Statement, etc.

To locate your nearest MCB ATM, kindly visit: https://www.mcb.com.pk/branch-locator

MCB ATMs can be used for cash withdrawals, MCB Debit Card activation, balance inquiry, mini statement generation, utility bill payments, credit card payments, mobile bill payments, Mobile Top-Up, Interbank, and Intra-bank funds transfers.

Yes, it is safe to use an ATM.


Activation & ATM PIN

To activate your MCB Debit Card from MCB ATM, please follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Generate your 6-digit activation code by sending the following SMS to 6222 using your MCB registered mobile number: ACT <space> 13-digits CNIC <space> Last 4 digits of your Debit card Example: ACT 0000000000000 1234 Note: This activation code will be valid for 24 hours only. In case your activation code expires, follow step 1 to re-generate your activation code.
  • Step 2: Visit any MCB ATM with your MCB Debit Card with a 6-digit activation code.
  • Step 3: At the MCB ATM, follow the steps mentioned below:
    • Insert your MCB Debit Card into the ATM and select your preferred language (English or Urdu)
    • Select the Debit Card activation option
    • Enter the 6-Digit Activation code and press confirm
    • Enter a 4-digit ATM PIN of your choice using the keypad
    • Re-enter the ATM PIN for validation

Once you have completed these steps, your MCB Debit Card will be activated and a confirmation message will be displayed at the ATM screen.

To change your ATM PIN, visit any MCB ATM, select your preferred language (English/Urdu), click proceed with transactions, enter your current PIN, select “PIN Change Option”

Call MCB Contact Centre at 042-111-000-622 or visit any MCB Branch


MCB Debit Card is internationally accepted at retail outlets where MasterCard, Visa, or Union Pay cards are accepted. It is also acceptable at all ATMs that carry the MasterCard, Visa, or Plus logos abroad. You can inquire about your account balance and withdraw cash with the same ATM PIN that is used in your home country. Please note that you will need to activate international usage on your card by calling MCB Phone Banking through your registered number with MCB.

Cash Withdrawals and Balance Inquiry.


Yes. (Receipt charges for Cash Withdrawals and Balance Inquiries will be applied if the customer opts for the receipt option)


Yes, you transfer funds to anyone using MCB ATM.

Yes, all domestic debit cards are accepted at MCB ATMs.

Fees & Charges

For printing of receipt requests against Cash Withdrawals and Balance Inquiries (ONUS/ OFFUS), Rs. 2.50 (incl. all taxes) will be charged to the customer’s account.

Yes, refer to the schedule of bank charges by clicking here


Every ATM vestibule/lobby, have Helpline (hotline 24/7) functionality, you just need to pick up the phone set receiver and your call will be connected to the MCB call center for necessary assistance/guidance.

You can collect your card within 3 working days from the respective branch where your card has been captured. If the card is not collected by the customer within three working days, the card will be dispatched to their parent branch.

Your disputed transactional amount will be reversed automatically. If the transactional amount is not reversed, you may register your complaint by calling MCB Contact Centre at 042-111-000-622 or visiting your parent branch for the disputed amount claim submission.

Immediately call MCB Contact Centre at 042-111-000-622 to report your transaction.

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