Merger Related FAQs for Customers of Formerly NIB Bank Limited

Effective Close of Business July 07, 2017, NIB Bank Limited has merged with and into MCB Bank Limited


1. Why are MCB Bank and NIB Bank merging?

The merger of MCB and NIB will provide additional synergies, banking services and added convenience. Customers will have direct access to MCB’s extensive network of branches and ATMs alongside enhanced portfolio of products and services. In addition, all customers will have access to banking services in several new geographical segments.

2. Is NIB Bank changing its name to MCB Bank?

Former NIB Bank is being merged with and into MCB Bank effective close of business on 7th July, 2017 and thus, will become part of MCB Bank. Consequently, former NIB Bank branches will also be re-named as branches of MCB Bank.

3. How will NIB customers be handled at MCB Branches and vice versa?

For a specific period after 7th July, 2017, former NIB Bank customers will only be able to avail their banking services at the original NIB Bank branches and MCB Bank customers will continue to avail their respective services at the original MCB Bank branches only.

4. Will my account number/ status/ type change? Will my account(s) be merged in MCB Bank?

Your account number(s) and associated account details / operations will remain the same until further official notice by MCB Bank.

5. In which branch will my account be tagged after the merger?

For the time being your branch will remain the same, but it will become a part of the MCB Bank network. If at a later stage your branch address and / or contact details change, you will be formally informed in advance of any changes by MCB Bank.For the present there may be a minor change only in the name of your existing branch for clarity, for which new branch names, wherever changed, are annexed for reference.

6. Can I still use my current cheque book/ cheques?

Yes. You can operate your account using the same unused cheques in your cheque book.

7. Will there be any changes to my locker arrangements at my current branch?

Until further notice, your locker arrangements shall remain the same in your current branch.

8. Will other instruments such as Pay Orders / Demand Drafts already issued still be honored?


9. Will service charges related to the operation of my account change as a result of the merger?

Until further notice, all charges shall remain the same.

10. Will minimum balance requirement related to my account change as a result of the merger?

Until further notice, all minimum balance requirements and all related Terms and Conditions shall remain the same.

11. Will the Customer Helpline number (021-111-642-111) continue to be functional?

Yes, the number will remain functional till further notice.


1. What will happen to my NIB Debit Card?

Until further notice, your existing Debit Card will continue to be functional.

Will I be able to access my internet banking / mobile banking / SMS alert facilities?

Yes, until further notice you will be able to use your existing credentials for internet / mobile banking. SMS alert facilities will also continue for your existing transactions if the service is activated.

2. Will I be able to access the NIB ATM network?

Yes, you will be able to access the existing ATM network as usual.

3. Would there be any incremental / new charges on the ATM/ Mobile & Internet Services?

No. For further details please call your contact center at (021)111-642-111 or visit your nearest branch.

4. If I use my NIB card on a MCB Bank ATM, will I have to pay any cross-net charges?

Former NIB customers can freely use any MCB Bank ATM without any charges associated with cross bank transactions. Charges, if any, will be reversed.

5. Will my transaction limits remain same for ATM, Mobile & Internet Banking?

Until further notice, your transaction limits will remain the same.

6. Will I be able to pay bills & transfer funds through ATMs / Internet / Mobile Banking?

Yes, until further notice you will have access to all transactions on the above Channels.

7. If I use NIB Internet/Mobile Banking/ ATM to transfer money (using Inter Bank Fund Transfer Facility) to an MCB Bank account, will I incur IBFT charges?

Former NIB customers will not incur any IBFT charges.

8. Will I continue to use NIB Phone Banking Services?

Yes, you will continue to get services and support from Phone Banking until further notice.

9. Will I get any services from MCB Contact Center?

No. Until further notice, all former NIB customers will continue using the Contact Center (021)111-642-111 as before.

10. Can I use my NIB Phone Banking Services on MCB Contact Center IVR?

No. Currently this service is not available.

11. In case of ATM Cash withdrawal transaction dispute/ POS transaction dispute, where should I submit my claim form?

No change. Until further notice, claim forms should be filed/submitted at NIB branches or you can call NIB contact center at (021)111-642-111.

12.In case my NIB Bank card is captured / retained at any of the Banks’ ATM in Pakistan, where should I contact?

No change. Until further notice, you should contact NIB branch / or you can call NIB contact center at (021)111-642-111.


1. What will happen to my loan facility after merger?

Your loan facility will remain unchanged until further notice.

2. My mortgage is with NIB Bank, what will happen to it?

Your mortgage will continue on existing Terms & Conditions.

3. Will I continue to make NIB Bank loan payments at the same address?

Yes, until further notice you can continue to make existing loan payments at the same branch. Any change will be formally communicated.

4. Can I make payments of loan from NIB using MCB branch channels, net banking, mobile banking etc. and vice versa?

No, this service is not currently available. Until further notice you will not be able to make payments of existing Bank loans using MCB Bank channels.

5. Will there be any change in markup rates of my loans?

No. Your markup related terms and conditions will continue until further notice.

6. Will there be any change of insurance company?

No, until further notice no changes will be made to your current insurance provider. Any change will be formally communicated.

7. Who should I contact in case of any help required for loan account, NOCs, Collateral, Pay off Sheet?

Please visit your nearest branch or contact Call Centre (021) 111-642-111.

8. For SWIFT related message transmission, which BIC shall I use?

You may continue to use NIB’s BIC (NIBPPKKA) till further notice. MCB’s BIC (MUCBPKKA) can also be used for transmission of messages.

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