Important Note for Customers of Former NIB Bank Limited:

Please note that all consumer lending products under Formerly NIB Bank Limited have merged with and into MCB Bank Limited.
All terms and conditions of your relevant facility will continue to be in-force with no difference. The point of contact and repayment of facilities is also the same. In case of any change, you will receive a written letter in advance to the effect.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I approach MCB Bank to get any further information on my facility of Former NIB Bank?

1) You may reach us through our Call Centre at 021-111-642-111

2) In addition, we have 7 dedicated Customer Walk-in Centers that you can call for more information.

  • Lahore : 042-35987908
  • Islamabad: 051-8444351
  • Karachi: 021-34307896
  • Multan: 061-4517099
  • Hyderabad: 022-2731245
  • Gujranwala: 055-3841602
  • Rawalpindi: 051-8315033

3) I have a loan with Former NIB Bank; do I need to do anything with my loan?
Your loan facility will continue with MCB Bank on a unchanged basis for now. Any change, if required will be communicated to you in future.

4) Will I continue to make NIB Bank loan payments at the same address?
Yes, you can continue to make Former NIB Bank Loan payments on the same address/account number associated with your lending facility, till the time more information/ change is not communicated to you.