The all new MCB Mobile has been upgraded to improve overall service offerings with a view to provide convenience in conducting payments and secured financial and non-financial transactions. The latest version has a visually appealing intuitive layout which has been designed to be user friendly.

Registering and activating the service is a quick and simple process. MCB Bank customers who meet the below mentioned criteria are eligible to use MCB Mobile:

  1. A valid CNIC
  2. An active MCB Bank Account
  3. Registered Mobile number in bank records

Before you can use the new app, you will need to register for MCB Mobile by following one of the below steps:

  1. Visit any MCB Bank branch with a valid CNIC and a branch representative will register you for MCB Mobile
  2. Call the MCB Bank 24/7 Helpline at 111-000-622 and a customer representative will help you register for MCB Mobile

Once you have successfully registered yourself for the service, please download the latest version of MCB Mobile through the following links:


If you have the previous version of the MCB Mobile app installed, please manually uninstall your existing app and then download the new app for a smooth and hassle free digital banking experience.

For any queries or concerns regarding the MCB Mobile App, please call 111-000-622 or send an email to [email protected].pk from your MCB registered mobile number.

With MCB Mobile, we welcome you to a bolder, faster and safer digital banking experience!