ATM Network

MCB Bank has the Second largest ATM network with 1450+ ATMs including more than 100 off-site ATMs placed at commercial locations like malls, hospitals etc. for consumer convenience. The network covers more than 430+ cities across the country and is constantly growing. MCB Bank has one of the best ATM up times across the industry, ensured by the presence of ATM monitoring teams working 24/7. We are also proud to be the one of the few banks to have our entire network installed with anti-skimming devices which helps in safeguarding customers.

MCB ATMs provide our customers with 24-hours of convenience to withdraw cash (up to your daily limit), transfer money between your accounts, make bill payments, and credit card payments (for MCB Credit Cards only), get mini-statements for your bank and credit card accounts, and much more.

Some Helpful Tips

PIN Change

PIN change option is now given so that you can have added security with your MCB card. For added security, it is advised to change the PIN as soon as you receive your MCB Card. It is also advised to change the PIN on a regular basis.

Card Loss

In case your MCB card is lost, please inform your MCB Branch or call our 24-hour MCB Bank Call Centre at 111-000-622.

Incorrect Payment

If by any chance the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) does not dispense the correct amount of money or does not dispense the money at all, please contact the branch where you were using the ATM or your Branch and inform them immediately. You will have to complete a “Transaction Dispute” form (also available online) and the amount will then be credited to your bank account.


It is advisable to keep your Automated Teller Machine (ATM) receipts after every transaction. It is a good way to guard against fraud and make record-keeping easier.