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MCB Visa Prepaid Card

MCB Visa Prepaid Card

MCB Visa Prepaid Card is aimed at providing convenience and control that will completely change the way you transact. It can be used to withdraw cash, shop and make online payments locally and internationally.

  • Instant issuance.
  • 24/7 cash accessibility through Automated Teller Machine (ATM).
  • Accepted at 29 million outlets.
  • Online shopping with Visa acceptance.


Cash Free Spending

Why carry cash? MCB Visa Prepaid Card enables you to make purchases at more than 29 million outlets in 160 countries worldwide. Each Purchase is debited directly from your card balance, making it a convenient and secure experience.

1) Shopping

Use your MCB Visa Prepaid Card for all your shopping needs at more than 35,000 local and 29 million international outlets accepting Visa.

2) Dining

Make your dining a pleasurable experience. Use your MCB Visa Prepaid Card to pay at your favorite restaurants.

3) Fuel

Keep a track of your fuel expenses, as MCB Visa Prepaid Card is accepted at all fuel station. You may do so by subscribing to a monthly e-statement service or by contacting the Call Centre and inquiring about your transactions.

4) Travel

Use your MCB Visa Prepaid Card while travelling around the world from buying tickets and hotel reservations and from dining out to shopping, experience the freedom and control your card offers. You can also avail free travel inconvenience insurance coverage on your card in Freedom Package.

Travel Inconvenience Insurance Coverage

Delay Of Flight (Exceeding 06 Hours) PKR 15,000
Delay Of Baggage (Exceeding 06 Hours) PKR 15,000
Loss/Damage To Baggage PKR 30,000
Annual Aggregate Limit PKR 3,000,000

Shop Online

Now MCB Visa Prepaid Card gives you the freedom to shop online from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world.

24/7 Cash Accessibility

Need to withdraw cash? Get 24/7 cash accessibility at more than 800 MCB Bank & over 4000 Automated Teller Machine (ATM)s of M-NET and 1-Link nationwide. Moreover you can also use your card at over 1 million Visa Automated Teller Machine (ATM)s around the world.

What's more?

Easy Reload

Load or reload your MCB Visa Prepaid Card by giving cash or a MCB Bank cheque at your designated MCB Branch. The minimum load amount is PKR 500 only.

E-statements & SMS Alerts

With the e-statements and sms alert service, you can enjoy the convenience of receiving monthly e-statements in your email and your transactional information on your mobile phone, free of cost. If you have not already subscribed to these services, you may contact the Call Centre at 111-000-622 (MCB).

24/7 Call Centre

MCB Call Centre executives are always there to assist you. Contact our 24/7 Call Centre at 111-000-622 (MCB). Whether it’s balance inquiry, service registration, lost/stolen card reporting or any other information, we are just a call away.

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