With MCB Lite Remit feature, you can receive money from your loved ones directly into your MCB Lite Mobile Wallet, from our global network of 70+ Remittance Partners. You can convienetly withdraw the cash with your MCB Lite Card through MCB branches, MCB ATM’s, 1Link ATMs, or use the funds through the Lite mobile App and POS terminals.

Some More Information You Would Like to Know!

1. What is Lite Remit? A new feature in MCB Lite Wallet whereby MCB Lite accountholders can receive home remittance directly into their Lite wallets. 2. What is the process to send/receive home remittance?

  • Beneficiary of Lite Mobile Wallet (home remittance receiver) conveys his/her Lite registered number and available credit limit to the remitter (sender)
  • Remitter visits MCB remittance agent / payment partner and submits following information along with remittance amount
    • Complete MCB Lite registered mobile number
    • He / She will Instruct the agent to remit the money into MCB Lite account
  • MCB remittance agent / payment partner sends the payment instructions to MCB Bank Ltd.
  • MCB Bank Ltd. processes the payment instructions into beneficiaries’ Lite wallets

3. What are the transactions limits on Lite Remit?

Daily/Monthly Limits PKR
Maximum Balance Limit: 1,500,000/-
Cash Withdrawal per day at branch / ATM: 50,000/-
Cash Withdrawal per month at branch / ATM: 500,000/-
FT, IBFT, E-Commerce per day: 100,000/-
Mobile Top Ups per day: 5000/-
Inward per day Limit: No Limit subject to maximum balance limit
4. What is the TAT of receiving home remittance into Lite Mobile Wallet? Normal TAT is one or two working days for the receiving of home remittance into any Mobile Wallet or conventional account, provided that the information provided by the remitter is correct. 5. Are all MCB Lite customers eligible to receive home remittance? Only those Lite mobile wallet holders who have registered “Lite Remit” feature on their Lite wallets. 6. Is IBAN number required to receive home remittance or remittance can be received directly into MCB Lite Mobile Wallet? No IBAN is required.Sender will simply give Lite registered mobile number of the receiver. 7. Will customer receive SMS notification on his / her MCB registered mobile number upon receiving of home remittance money? Yes, customer will receive SMS notification upon successful processing of credit amount into his/her Lite Mobile Wallet by MCB Bank Ltd. 8. Are there any extra charges to receive home remittance into MCB Lite Mobile Wallet? No, there are no extra charges. Normal charges will be charged by sending agent from the remitter (if any). 9. Is there any incentive offered by MCB Bank to the beneficiary of Lite accountholder on the receiving of home remittance into MCB Lite Mobile Wallet? Yes; air time equal to amount PKR 2 will be credited into beneficiary’s Lite registered SIM against each USD being received as Home Remittance i.e. if customer receives USD 50 as home remittance, airtime worth PKR 100 will be given. 10. Can MCB Lite customer receive home remittance from anywhere in the world? Yes, remittance can be received directly into MCB Lite Mobile Wallet from MCB global network of 70+ remittance partners.

11. Can home remittance money be received if MCB Lite Mobile Wallet status is “Suspended”, “Dormant” or “Closed”? Lite Mobile Wallet should be in “Active” or “Suspended” status to receive home remittance. However, no transaction can be performed on “Dormant” or “Closed” Account/ Mobile Wallet. For further details on home remittance call us at 24/7 helpline 111-000-622 or visit State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) website please click here

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