Current or Savings accounts not operated for one year shall be classified as 'Dormant'. Once an account turns 'Dormant', Customer can re-activate the account by providing duly filled and signed ‘REQUEST FOR RE-ACTIVATION OF DORMANT ACCOUNT’ [click here for template] to his/ her Account Maintaining Branch through following means and channels:

  • By visiting the Branch
  • Through registered email ID
  • Through Postal Mail/Courier


  • To access the contact information/details [including postal & email addresses] of your concerned MCB Branch, please Click Here
  • Bank will process the account re-activation request in line with the requirements of regulations/internal policies and procedures.
  • This is to inform that if any account is not operated for more than 10 years, the same will be classified as Unclaimed as per the requirements of Banking Companies Ordinance 1962 and funds in such account will be surrendered to State Bank of Pakistan.