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Whistle blowing

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MCB Bank Limited has developed its Whistle Blowing Program to facilitate employees as well as outside parties for raising their concerns, exposing irregularities / wrongdoings / AML/CFT related issues, helping uncover financial malpractices, preventing frauds etc. without any fear of reprisal or adverse consequences.   

Whistle Blowing Program has been periodically reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors. In this regard Whistle Blowing Function was established under overall supervision of the Board’s Audit Committee. Whistle Blowing Function of MCB is in addition to and independent from the routine complaint handling and resolution mechanism of the Bank.

Under Whistle Blowing Program, if outside parties and/ or employee(s) are not satisfied with the resolution of their complaints lodged with other channels of the Bank including Service Quality or Human Resource Management, the complainants may contact Whistle Blowing Function for further handling of their matters.

Contact details of Whistle Blowing Function:

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  • Please state the full name(s) and title(s) of individuals whom you suspect of wrongdoing
  • How many times has this incident taken place (if applicable)
  • How long this incident been taken place (if applicable)
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  • Would you like to arrange   a  meeting / telephone call with an Investigating Officer to discuss this matter
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