What is a Debit Card:

MCB Debit Card is a convenient way to make payments from your savings/current account. It can be used for cash withdrawal, Bill payment, shopping, online purchases and making payments in Pakistan and overseas etc.

A Debit Card provides you with the ability to access funds directly from your bank account, whereas a Credit Card is a lending facility extended to you by MCB.

Please visit mcb.com.pk to read and print the Terms and Conditions.

Getting started with your debit card:

In case you don't have the Debit Card associated with your account, you can go to an MCB branch with your CNIC to apply for a new Debit Card or contact Helpline.

Regardless of whether you have requested a new or replacement Debit Card, it will be delivered to the address you have provided within 7 business days.

To activate your MCB Debit Card, please follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1 (Get the 6 Digit OTP):
  • From your registered number Send SMS to 6222 in format “ACT<space>CNIC<space> Last 4 digits of card” (format example: ACT 1234567899999 1234)
  • OTP will remain active for 24 hours and can be obtained again through the identical procedure in case it expires.

Step 2 (Visit any nearest MCB Bank ATM):

  • Insert Card and “Yes” to process Card Activation
  • Enter 6 Digit OTP and select confirm.
  • Enter a 4 digits ATM PIN of your choice.
  • Re-enter ATM PIN for validation

Note:You can also get the card activated from MCB Helpline, MCB IVR (self-service) and in case of existing customer can be activated via MCB Live App

The card remains valid for a period of 5 years starting from the date it was issued.

Contactless cards utilize near field communication (NFC) technology to facilitate secure payments. To complete a transaction, these cards only require close proximity (within 2 inches) to an NFC-enabled POS machine. With a contactless debit card, it is possible to make purchases without removing the card from your wallet. For purchases under 3k, a PIN is not required, while transactions above 3k will require PIN authentication.

If the joint account operating instruction is set to 'either or survivor' a single Debit Card will be issued. In case instruction from two or more account holders are required, Debit Card will not be issued.

Your card is pre-enabled to perform “E-commerce” activities like online purchasing, etc., and you can do online shopping at the convenience of your home with an MCB debit card.

The purpose of activating this service is to provide convenience to the customers for hassle-free usage. Nevertheless, it is completely secure and requires OTP verification before proceeding with any transaction.

A customer can order one basic and three supplementary cards against his/her account.

Using your debit card:

The MCB Debit Card is widely accepted at millions of locations worldwide, allowing you to conduct a variety of transactions. Here are some examples of the transactions you can perform:

  • Retail POS transactions on Merchant outlets
  • Online/ecommerce Shopping
  • MCB ATM for
    • Card Activation
    • Cash Withdrawal
    • Balance Inquiry
    • Bill Payments
    • Mini Statement
    • Funds Transfer
    • PIN Change
  • Other Bank’s ATM (1-link) for
    • Cash Withdrawal
    • Balance Inquiry

By activating the e-commerce session on your Debit Card, you can easily use it to make online purchases or perform transactions at POS terminals for shopping, dining, or other purchases.

Go to any nearest MCB or 1-link ATM, insert card, provide card PIN code and proceed with the transaction amount of your choice.

Please call MCB Helpline on 021-111-000-622 to register a dispute immediately or visit your nearest branch.

POS, E-commerce, and International Transactions:

To make purchases using your MCB Debit Card, simply present it to the merchant. The merchant will insert your card into the electronic Point of Sale (POS) terminal, and you will be prompted to enter your PIN on the POS terminal. Once you have entered your PIN, a receipt will be printed and given to you, which does not require a signature. Remember to verify the transaction amount, retrieve your card and transaction slip from the merchant before leaving.

Never share your debit card PIN with anyone and ensure to input it secretly at POS terminal so that no one can see it.

Please refer to the schedule of bank charges at https://www.mcb.com.pk/quick-links/mcb-schedule-of-charges

The MCB Debit Card can be used internationally at retail stores that accept Visa or Master cards, as well as at ATMs abroad that display the Master Card, or Visa logos. You can access your account and withdraw funds using the same ATM PIN that you use in your home country. However, please keep in mind that you must activate international usage on your card by contacting MCB Helpline, using MCB Live application, or through MCB ATM.
For charges on 1-LINK and international ATMs please refer to Schedule of Charges.

To conduct an online transaction with an e-commerce merchant using your debit card, the first step is to ensure that the e-commerce session is active. Additionally, you will need to provide the following valid information:

  • Valid Debit Card Number
  • CVV (Card Verification Value placed on the backside of the Debit Card)
  • Card Expiry Date
  • OTP (for Verification by Visa/master websites)

Upon successfully completing a transaction on POS, ATM or online website, a confirmation message will be sent on your registered number.

The merchant website will display the “Verified by Visa” (VbV) logo or "Mastercard Secure Code" if the transaction is performed on a 3D Secure enabled merchant. Additionally, a lock symbol will be visible before the website URL.

Bill Payment and Funds Transfer

You can visit any nearest MCB ATM and pay Bills using “Bill Payment” option or transfer funds using “Fund Transfer” option.

You enjoy free funds transfer transactions on all MCB electronic banking channels including ATM, MCB Mobile, and Call Centre. Moreover, all bill payments, top-ups and balance inquiry transactions are also free of charge.

Your card transactions will be declined.

Managing your debit card:

Please call MCB Helpline at 021-111-000-622 to report a lost or stolen card immediately, visit your nearest branch, or use MCB Live App to temporarily block your debit card.

You can request a replacement card at MCB Helpline 021-111-000-622 or visit any nearest MCB branch.

If you need to update your personal information, please visit an MCB branch to make the necessary changes.

To change your Debit Card PIN, visit any MCB ATM.

  • Insert card and enter your “Current PIN”, select “More Options” and go to “Change PIN”.

In case you have forgotten your Debit Card PIN; it can be reset through MCB Helpline (021-11100622).

Contact MCB Helpline on 021-111-000-622.

You can temporarily disable your Debit Card through MCB Live App, or by calling MCB Helpline (021-111000622).

You can temporarily disable your Debit Card through MCB Live App, or by calling MCB Helpline (021-111000622).

You can easily deactivate the e-commerce service through MCB ATMs, MCB Live, or the Call Centre. The bank has provided this service to offer convenience to customers, and they can activate or deactivate it whenever they want. Customers have the option to block it permanently or temporarily as per their choice.

You can reactivate the e-commerce service through MCB ATMs, MCB Live, or the Call Centre any time.

Debit card fees and charges:

Card Fees and limits are subject to change. For updated fee details please check schedule of bank charges https://www.mcb.com.pk/quick-links/mcb-schedule-of-charges or contact the MCB Helpline 021-111-000-622.

Transaction limits are subject to change. For updated fee details please check schedule of bank charges https://www.mcb.com.pk/quick-links/mcb-schedule-of-charges or contact the MCB Helpline 021-111-000-622.

For updated fee details please check schedule of bank charges https://www.mcb.com.pk/quick-links/mcb-schedule-of-charges or contact the MCB Helpline 021-111-000-622.

All your MCB ATM transactions are free of charge. These include cash withdrawal, bill payments, top-ups, and funds transfer. For charges on 1-LINK and international ATMs please refer to Schedule of Charges.

Debit card security:

A 3D Secure Card is a type of payment card that is equipped with an extra layer of security to protect against unauthorized use during online transactions. This additional security feature requires the cardholder to authenticate their identity with a unique password or PIN, which is verified by the card issuer, before the transaction can be approved. This helps to prevent fraudulent transactions and ensures that the cardholder's sensitive information remains secure. MCB is using 3D Secure protocols like "Verified by Visa" and "Mastercard Secure Code".

Your payment using a contactless card is highly secure and provides more security compared to carrying cash. The use of secure chip technology in contactless cards ensures that you can confidently use it to make payments.

You should contact us immediately on our Helpline at 021-111-000-622, or you can login to MCB Live App to reset PIN code or temporarily block your card.

Please immediately inform us on our helpline at 021-111-000-622 to get your card block, or you can also use MCB Live application to temporarily block your card.

When you use your MCB Debit Card at a terminal that reads the chip, it offers an enhanced level of security. The advanced technology in the chip makes it challenging to copy or replicate the card.

Customers have three attempts to enter the correct OTP. After three incorrect attempts, the card will be blocked for internet transactions for all 3d-enabled websites. To Unblock the card please contact MCB helpline at 021-111-000-622.

  • Use authentic and credible websites with https:// and a “lock” sign.
  • Conveniently turn on/turn off your card’s e-commerce function using MCB Live App.
  • Logout from Websites after conducting your transactions.
  • Be cautious of promotional scams or fake calls asking for your personal/financial information.

Lodge a Complaint:

To file a complaint, you can contact any of the following channels, once your complaint is lodged, a complaint number will be assigned to you and The bank will make sure that your complaint is addressed within the specified turnaround time.

  • MCB Call Center 021-111-000-622
  • MCB Branches
  • e-mail [email protected]
  • MCB Live application

In case you do not receive an OTP, you can click the “Resend” button to get the new OTP.

  • Please ensure that you are checking OTP on your registered mobile number.
  • Network Connectivity is Enabled on SIM
  • Short Code “6222” is not blocked.
  • If number is Ported IN/Out (Type “MNP” and send it to “9460”)
  • In case of RDA customer check email for OTP

If the issue persists, please contact MCB helpline at 021-111-000-622 or visit nearest MCB branch if your mobile number is not registered with your MCB account.

Please do not share OTP with anyone and report immediately by calling MCB Helpline at 021-111-000-622.

Please immediately call MCB Helpline at 021-111-000-622 to register dispute or visit nearest MCB branch.

If you think there have been fraudulent transactions on your account, you should contact us immediately on 021-111-000-622 or +92-21-111-000-622(MCB) from overseas. You should check your account statements regularly and monitor SMS alerts on card usage. If you notice any irregular activity or receive an SMS for a payment you have not contacted the bank immediately.

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