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Investment Services

Product Toolkit

Investment Services

At MCB Bank, our aim is to provide end-to-end approach to banking – we believe that our success is directly linked to achieve your investment objectives. We offer you a diversified range of investment products, from the basic and classic options to the more evolved and structure ones. With our ability to provide you a range of products to suit your needs, we give you an opportunity to meet both your short and long term investment needs.

MCB Bank Limited is providing a wide range of investment products, offered by its subsidiary MCB-Arif Habib Saving and Investment Limited for further details, please visit www.mcbah.com

Mutual Funds

At MCB Bank, we help you identify a suitable mix of Mutual Fund schemes spreading across Equity, Balanced, Fixed Income and Liquid Funds.

Equity Funds

Equity funds are schemes where higher weight in investments is in equity and equity related securities of various companies. However, the returns from these funds are directly linked to the stock market (Karachi Stock Exchange) and are more volatile as compared to those from fixed income funds.

Balanced Funds

A balanced fund is a scheme geared towards a mixture of safety, income and modest capital appreciation. These mutual funds invest into each asset class that usually remains within a set minimum and maximum. To a large extent, the returns depend on the performance of the equity portion in the portfolio. There is some flexibility in changing the asset composition between equity and debt. The fund managers use this strategy to buy the best asset class at each time.

Tax Saving Funds

Tax savings funds are special products offered by mutual funds. To avail tax benefits, these funds have a lock-in-period. This period can change subject to amendments in “Income Tax Ordinance.”

Separately Managed Account Services

MCB Bank IS will assist you for Separately Managed Account Services by jointly working with our subsidiary Asset Management Company. Our partner Asset Management Company conducts detailed and scientific analysis of various investment avenues to help you invest your money suiting your customized needs.

Fixed Income Solutions

Fixed Income Funds

These funds invest primarily in government and corporate debt. While fund holdings may appreciate in value, the primary objective of these funds is to provide a steady cash flow to investors.

Liquidity Solutions

Liquid Funds

Liquid Funds are investing in short-term money market instruments including treasury bills, commercial paper and certificates of deposit.

Overdraft against Securities

The Loan against Securities is MCB's overdraft facility against selected Funds. It offers you a convenient and immediate line of credit just when you want it. Please note this facility is not guaranteed to everyone.

Alternate Solutions

Structured Notes

Rather than the traditional buy-and-hold approach, these products use derivatives and option strategies to provide structured payouts. Certain structured products also offer the benefit of capital protection.

Risk Profiling

To start with, we take you through a simple, easy-to-fill questionnaire; we gauge your appetite for risk, for specific investment products and for your entire portfolio. So whether you should be investing heavily into equity or in cash, our profiling gives you the right answers.

Foreign Exchange

A Total Foreign Exchange solution to cater to your needs.


With our remittance solutions you can transfer money to and receive money from anywhere in the world with ease.

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