In order to promote economic and social empowerment amongst the society, it’s essential to address the financial needs of the PWDs in our country. Therefore, MCB Bank has proposed relaxations for PWDs in line with their business requirements and demographic needs, on bank’s own credit facilities/product.

ParticularsEligibility Criteria/ Product Features
Key Customer Eligibility Criteria
  • New businesses and existing businesses owned & operated by PWDs across the country.
  • Person with disability having a valid CNIC reflecting the disability logo/symbol
  • Any Person with disability in individual capacity or entities where PWD are holding 20% or more shareholding.
  • Special reduction in Clean up period requirement for PWDs borrower
  • Concessional Markup rate
  • 50% reduction over applicable SOBC charges.
  • As per Bank’s own credit policy
  • As per Bank’s own policy/Nature of Facility
  • As per Bank’s own credit policy
  • Relaxed collateral margin requirement for PWDs
  • Reduced Margin requirement for hypothecation of stocks/receivables
Other Terms & Conditions
  • As per Bank’s own credit policy
Documents requirement
  • As per Bank’s own credit policy

List of PWD Branches Click here

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